Hippo didn't worry about his own bleeding - he just wanted the cheeseburger! 🍔

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The best way for us to make friends with dogs we need to rescue is to offer them a cheeseburger. Offering a smelly warm treat helps us establish that we're there to help, and many times it reduces the levels of stress right away. Today I would like to ask everybody to make a small donation to our Cheeseburger Fund here: www.HopeForPaws.org

JoAnn knew she is heading out to rescue a BIG Pit Bull, so she got him a DOUBLE cheeseburger and it all worked out really well :-)

After receiving a bath and medical care, Hippo continued to his foster home with our friends at L.A. Animal Rescue and he is now ready for his forever home! If you would like to adopt him, please contact them directly: www.LAAR.org

If you can't adopt him, please share his video with your friends... this guy deserves an amazing home!

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  • The fact that he was overweight and so trustful right from the beginning makes me think that maybe he wasn't abandoned but lost/ran away for some reason 🥺

    Lottas Mind ASMRLottas Mind ASMR个月 前
    • Allow me to watch the video and I’ll b right back…

      Anita FergusonAnita Ferguson6 天 前
    • He could have been in a car accident. First thing to do is check for tags, if none, then check for a chip...facebook has lost and found ads in most areas. Nextdoor neighbor apps are good to, if available. Just because a dog is loose does NOT mean it wasn't owned by someone....that one was obviously someone's well fed pet.

      PJ SevPJ Sev15 天 前
    • or maybe got thrown out lets hope not tho

      StarlightStarlight19 天 前
    • I'm in agreement with you. I'm glad that they will try and find owners as this dog description won't be difficult. If someone lost their dog or even if its an abandonment. This petite definitely been loved and has no trauma as what we normally see.

      Observer ObserverObserver Observer20 天 前
    • Hope for Paws already replied, but just so we are all very clear here, being an overweight pet isn't synonymous with having a loving home. In fact, being overweight can often times be a sign of neglect in itself due to lack of attention given to nutrition. Of course there are exceptions to this, and it would be irresponsible of me to say that's ALWAYS the case. However, an overweight puppy isn't always a happy puppy! I understand the sentiment of wishing a dog could be reunited with a loving home, though. It's always nice when dogs can reunite with their people because it means they weren't on the streets due to neglect. Unfortunately, too many dogs are just neglected and abandoned :(

      Fruitcup94Fruitcup9426 天 前
  • Im in love🥰

    Yuval MisrachiYuval Misrachi6 小时 前
  • It's incredible how cruel we humans can be with dogs... NO it's not cute to breed animals like this! this poor dog is all deformed, has a lot of trouble even moving and breathing and most probably has some sort of mental retardation. Please people stop buying and breeding dogs like this one, show some REAL emphaty!

    Chepepon CarlosChepepon Carlos21 小时 前
  • Hippo sweet boy you are so very gorgeous❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Anita bakkerAnita bakker2 天 前
  • Very good.good job, good heart

    Phuc HongPhuc Hong2 天 前
  • Might be the first time I've seen an overweight dog on this channel.

    Skittles McStabbypantsSkittles McStabbypants4 天 前
  • Jesus, he's so fat. He must belong to someone.

    Just the Gay BitsJust the Gay Bits7 天 前
  • Poor dog. 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😥😥

    Chapina 408Chapina 4087 天 前
  • Omg I love him!! He's so cute!! ❤️❤️ Wish I could adopt him!!

    Danielle ZurlaDanielle Zurla8 天 前
  • He is precious!!

    Rhonda AdamsRhonda Adams9 天 前
  • What in the world kind of dog breed was that? I have never seen a dog like that.

    SkydiverSkydiver12 天 前
  • The literate partner pivotally wrestle because dogsled socially include about a succinct profit. spotty, many sideboard

    Nicholas taylorNicholas taylor14 天 前

    Jose Dias araujoJose Dias araujo14 天 前
  • That's a big boy what a beauty. So sorry he was hurt but I know hes in good hands now.

    Pamela KentPamela Kent18 天 前
  • I'll take him!!!!! ❤️❤️

    The G-ManThe G-Man19 天 前
  • Oh, he is such a sweetheart 💕💕 OMG. I love him.❤️😍❤️

    Melissa MartinMelissa Martin19 天 前
  • Omg I need two to Go! Sad I have 6 allready !

    Gabe coyleGabe coyle20 天 前
  • What a lovely man, dogs are such good judges of character.

    ParArduaParArdua21 天 前
  • The big ones are always the friendliest ones!

    drone trunksdrone trunks21 天 前
  • Big chonker boi. So beautiful...

    László VeresLászló Veres22 天 前
  • help dog and cat and baby dog and baby cat is about love amine

    weskenm ejdjdjjdweskenm ejdjdjjd23 天 前
  • This chunkie boy just wanted a cheeseburger and a spa day

    WaffleToasterWaffleToaster23 天 前
  • I love Hippo🥰

    Steven DunnSteven Dunn24 天 前
  • Men don't cry... but for a dog it's ok.

    John GaltJohn Galt24 天 前
  • Needs to shed a few pounds but Hippo is simply adorable!

    Achmad YazirAchmad Yazir25 天 前
  • Beautiful. Thank you at hope for Paws for saving him.

  • Hippo looks so much like our dog. She was a rescue too. One day she just showed up in our yard and has been a loved member of our family ever since.

    ZombehPandaZombehPanda26 天 前
  • he could be stolen from another place i really really think someone is missing this dog

    lou uklou uk26 天 前
  • Yep, I always imagine how SWEET that bubble bath feels for everyone.

    Charyl LissCharyl Liss26 天 前
  • Looks like the reincarnation of meaty

    Alal MalalAlal Malal28 天 前
  • at 3:58 someone's lovin all them pets. Bless Hippo's heart. beautiful dog.

    Dee DeCorteDee DeCorte29 天 前
  • Love the bath scenes. AAAAAHH The full spa treatment. the towel rubdown is the probably the best.

    Dee DeCorteDee DeCorte29 天 前
  • What a beautiful boy, I could take him home real easy, thank you kind people.

    Ronnie WhiteRonnie White个月 前
  • Hippo is absolutely adorable I hope he finds a loving furever home soon, he is such a loving boy he reminded us of our dog 🤦🏻‍♀️ I know you said you tried to find his owner but if he wasn't abandoned I hope he can be reunited with them. This Charity is amazing & I love watching these incredible rescue stories, I don't have much but I donate $10 a month & I encourage others to help out where they can even the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference. I've been doing this for a few years now since I first discovered Hope For Paws on CNfrom, I love receiving the emails telling me about the amazing work they are doing & seeing all the beautiful animals at the end of the video 💛. I live in the UK but I love this organisation so much they do such amazing work. I have also rescued animals throughout my life mainly small animals like Rabbits, Birds, Hedgehogs etc, I get them healthy for release it is such a rewarding thing to do & it teaches our children to be kind & caring towards all living things. Thank you for sharing this with us Eldad & thank you for all the amazing work you & your team have done & continue to do, I'm happy to keep helping you do these incredible rescues & I hope more people donate or help raise money & awareness for all the inspiring things you do 🤞🏻💛

    RachRach个月 前
  • Call me skeptical but who is to say Ernesto was not the owner who couldn't afford to have him treated by a vet hence the "emotion". That dog was loved and fed very well...no way he was abandoned.

    lindalinda个月 前
  • Viet Nam❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏

    Trọng Phạm NgọcTrọng Phạm Ngọc个月 前
  • I can pay the travel ticket

  • Im in tunisia and i want to adopte him so much

  • Omg I love him 😭😍

    Heather JohnsonHeather Johnson个月 前
  • What an adorable meatball, would adopt him in a heartbeat!!!

    Joshua MeffordJoshua Mefford个月 前
  • @dislikers if you cannot appreciate their efforts and hard work then atleast refrain from disliking...please 🙏🏻

    AshwinAshwin个月 前
  • I probably shouldn't say this, but I wish I didn't have cats !!!

    Joyce GibbsJoyce Gibbs个月 前
  • He's so adorable! Thank you to the wonderful person that contacted you and saved him!

    Simone FortierSimone Fortier个月 前
  • Bye dish cleaning gloves easy for bathing animala

    rml L.Trml L.T个月 前
  • chonky boy

    yuyuyuyu个月 前
  • What a handsome little porkchop!! ❤️

    Scott EvansScott Evans个月 前
  • I would of called him rhino but he needs to lose weight he’s got to be a pet just because how over weight he is and they either dumped him or he got out some how but he not be looking for a forever home for long he’s a beautiful gentle giant but I think he chose his new owner the lady with the blue hair it’s obvious he loves her and she loves him

    lisawatson1982lisawatson1982个月 前
  • I would love to have a big baby like Hippo if it didn't harm my cats. One can see Hippo is very much a people dog in trusting his caretakers right away. PS: Hippo looks better than Hooch of "Turner & Hooch" film fame.

    Muffs 55mercuryMuffs 55mercury个月 前
  • Oh that is a big boy🥰🍔 I like it chunky pit bull😍

    Meli JemMeli Jem个月 前
  • Awww such a sweet teddy bear dog. Not aggressive or anything either.

    Sharon S.Sharon S.个月 前
  • Awwww he is so adorable.... I'd name him Lardo LOL. I"m getting closer to opening up my home to a dog again. Its been almost six years since I lost my pretty princess and I have my 4 cats plus my community cats that are part of my life and there is a total of six cats. They are outside cats but are well taken care of. Anyway, I'm going through a major illness and getting better every day. I'm going to adopt a SENIOR DOG, my pretty princess has finally given me permission to open my heart again, not 100% ready but I'm getting closer to it. I"m proud to be a donor of yours. Thank you!!

    Squishy BearSquishy Bear个月 前
  • Oj biedaczek nie potrafi się ruszyć,sprawia mu to trudność.Czyzby był zapasiony piesek.

    Rex JankoRex Janko个月 前
  • Oml I think I just fell in love with this dog

    Ethan VanEthan Van个月 前
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      April CoxApril Cox个月 前
  • Aww, Hippo is so cute and happy. I hope he's found a forever home and if not, that he does find one soon.

    Amanda HAmanda H个月 前
    • hello, just a reminder to watch all ads and don't skip, watch till the end and make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to save more animals! and if you can make sure to donate and maybe even adopt! Copy and paste this comment in replies or just in the comment section!

      April CoxApril Cox个月 前
  • Kind human being. It was nice to see that the person was crying. Atleast he is a sensitive human being towards animals which is very rare quality. Thanks everybody to help the innocent dog.

    IndianIndian个月 前
    • hello, just a reminder to watch all ads and don't skip, watch till the end and make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to save more animals! and if you can make sure to donate and maybe even adopt! Copy and paste this comment in replies or just in the comment section!

      April CoxApril Cox个月 前
  • Wish I could get a farm then I could get as many "Hippos" I wanted! I also wished these rescues would allow out of state adoptions. I mean what do they do when a dog is adopted & the ppl relocate make them return the dog? That makes no sense esp. With the way the world is today & how easy it is to send video or connect all over the world! Loved the belly roll at the end his face makes me want to give him TONS of kisses!💜💜💜

    Julie TrembleJulie Tremble个月 前
  • Everybody does this not touch your heart. I'am a older man and still cry when i see the abuse humans give innocent animals Please donate to Hope For Paws. Doesn't matter how much. I live in Canada and donate to rescue people in my area. I'am poor but at the end of the day i wouldn't forgive myself if i didn't help. They are angels for what they do and God will shine on them. But your donations help them to help more lost souls. And i do not know them just saying this from my heart

    Randy GodfreyRandy Godfrey个月 前
  • Best video.. love that chunk a monk

    Michael MMichael M个月 前
  • Earnesto thanks for saving this squishmallow 🐶 puppy 💘 you are awesome GOD bless you 🐾🐾🤙🤗

    Pamela NurrahmanPamela Nurrahman个月 前
  • _May_2021_ I have to admit this. Not common for a dog to be that BIG and lovely at the same time. Lovable dogs are usually puppies or small ones.

    Τιμητής * JudgemanΤιμητής * Judgeman个月 前
  • he is such a lovely baby 💗💗💗

    Zafs Simple GardenZafs Simple Garden个月 前
  • such a handsome dog!

    uli chabouli chabo个月 前
  • He really is hippo🥰🥰😘😘

    Junglee jJunglee j个月 前
  • Easy catch

    Godzilla Vs sushiGodzilla Vs sushi个月 前
  • Love @hopeforpaws and everything you do! I have HFP as the charity of my choice for Amazon smile. I shop frequently. I’m just a little disappointed that I text your emergency number about an injured cat in Whittier and never heard back? No update, no response :( I know you are really busy but I wanted to make sure the cat was treated and cared for.

    M. G.M. G.个月 前
  • Very appropriate name🤣

    Maybe ClaireMaybe Claire个月 前
  • Possible to adopt him send him outside usa really like the boy ?

  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Kailash kushwahKailash kushwah个月 前
  • That dog has such a big tongue, all better to kiss you with loool

    TriXJesterTriXJester个月 前
  • Such a very good boy! I badly want to adopt him but I live very far away.

    female alphafemale alpha个月 前
  • He's a big boy

    itsjustmeitsjustme个月 前
  • ❤️

    Jonathan RoblesJonathan Robles个月 前
  • I love your work very much ❤️❤️❤️

  • Oh ho ho. He’s gonna be so spoiled.

    Sammy NalkoorSammy Nalkoor个月 前
  • I just love him!!! 🥰😍❤

    Glyn ParkerGlyn Parker个月 前
  • What a gorgeous sweet natured boy. 😍🥰❤

    Glyn ParkerGlyn Parker个月 前
  • I really want to smother him in kisses. He deserves the world.

    cosmicIllusion1999cosmicIllusion1999个月 前
  • Awww hippo is so adorable

    Chase BraleyChase Braley个月 前
  • Bless these peoples 🙏

    Haru SahiHaru Sahi个月 前
  • Heheh, They should of named him " A-10" after the attack aircraft .. Big & ugly...but (and travels low & slow - haha), But (infantry) people LOVE them.

    DNulrammahDNulrammah个月 前
  • I don’t think Ernesto wanted to have him go! So sweet

    Wendy FenclWendy Fencl个月 前
  • he's so freaking cute!!

    Alastor255Alastor255个月 前
  • Amazing beautiful dog Hippo,Thanks a lot for rescue him,now he is safe and I hope he can find his forever love family.

    Ronald MartinezRonald Martinez个月 前
  • Horrible name, as hippos are not that sweet and gentle.

    Robert HonanRobert Honan个月 前
  • Viewer advisory: Kleenex strongly recommended.

    Gia AGia A个月 前
  • I love you Hippo🐾🐶♥️♥️♥️

    M PM P个月 前
  • Poor Hippo having his ears mutilated.

    1996freddie1996freddie个月 前
  • I want him!

    Venture FanaticVenture Fanatic个月 前
  • What breed of dog is he?

    JLL MJLL M个月 前
  • "Hippo was most likely hit by a car and had road burn, but nothing was broken." The car on the other hand was likely totaled. 😋

    Peace LovePeace Love个月 前
    • I was thinking the same thing! 🤪

      Ann MAnn M5 天 前
  • There was a bully pit walking my neighborhood. We became homies in mere minutes, less than 10! Full on belly rubs, came backed when i beckoned him, took him home and he stayed on my dog's tie out for hours. I was hoping his owner would come down the street calling for him. Hippo 🦛 tree reminds me of the dog. He had a skin condition and he was missing lower two front teeth but his teeth were white and pink gums which meant he probably wasn't 3yrs yet. I wanted to keep him, but my yard's not fenced

    private privateprivate private个月 前
    • And pitbulls are banned in my area. My dog is a spayed brat, but my house is too small to keep and conceal an obvious pitbull-x dog. He was un-neutered and I think he was roaming for females. But my neighborhood is dangerous and young people are cruel for no reason. They would have passed him around, bred him, sold him, fought him, tried to make him mean, cuz he was just a goofy doofy giant butter ball. I fell in 💕 with him hard and i had him less than 19 hours. I found this that morning after coming home from work. I delivered him to the humane society before returning to work that evening. And I cried for Damn near two days. I can cry now. That was my mom's birthday and I was heart broken. The humane society attendant wasn't convinced that he WASNT my dog because I was so emotional and he was so responsive to my emotions. But we'd only know each other for about 8-10 hours. I surrendered him cuz I used to work at that shelter and that was the safest alternative since I couldn't keep him. And i left a donation to show how grateful I was. So, i dunno if this guy was that dog's owner. But I doubt it. Cuz I know what I go through thinking about that stray that I love as if I'd raised him myself and had only known him a few hours

      private privateprivate private个月 前
  • Sweet little lug

    Jerry WeisJerry Weis个月 前
  • Aww I love him! He looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters.

    Jody Howells-MeadJody Howells-Mead个月 前
  • what a lovely bully! if he was in Ireland, i'd bring him home in a flash.

    Al DoyleAl Doyle个月 前
  • Found the right house. I choked up when the man petted him goodbye. Barely know each other but the man has a big heart. God bless.

    Amadis DemitriusAmadis Demitrius个月 前
  • You guys are amazing ❤️

    kvngbxnekvngbxne个月 前
  • Great doggie Hippo

    Francine ArcieriFrancine Arcieri个月 前
  • I like to adopt a dog

    Glen ArocenaGlen Arocena个月 前
  • I think that anyone who cuts dogs ears should be jailed. It’s unnecessary cruelty

    Clark ToddClark Todd个月 前
  • Maybe this is a dumb question, but I have been wondering what is your "go to" cheeseburger that you buy for the dogs? They don't look like McDonald's and McDonald's is too expensive and not very nutritious. I will give to the cheeseburger fund if you answer this!!

    Joyce FreemanJoyce Freeman个月 前