Left behind by his owner - scared and confused 😞

2021年06月 9日
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I will never know what happened to Klaus' owner, but if we learned anything in the past year, it is that life is so fragile and things can change in an instant.

Every month, we are asked to help pets find loving forever homes after their owners passed away unexpectedly and no instructions were left for the care of their pets. Many of these pets end up in shelters or just thrown out to the streets... they are scared, confused, and can't believe how their world turned upside down because their owner didn't come home.

In order to prevent sad cases like this, partnered with to help you take care of your pets, loved ones, and your favorite charities.

Please click here to create your own Will for FREE: www.FreeWill.com/HopeForPaws

I know this can be a scary thing to think about, but dealing with it for 20 minutes now will give you peace of mind that your dog will not end up like Klaus.

In just 2 days we will celebrate Hope For Paws' 13th anniversary, and I really hope all of you will do this for your pets - that would be the best gift!

If you would like to adopt Klaus and give him an amazing home, please contact our friends at - they will handle his adoption: www.LAAR.org

Thank you so much! ❤️


  • Enough with the masks already. Please. People are sincerely exhausted with the farce.

    Mc TruckerMc Trucker13 小时 前
  • Great story, SHITTY MUSIC. When are you people going to GET A CLUE THAT WE'RE *SICK* OF YOUR "C MINOR" BULLSHIT..?? Sick of it. Makes me HATE any story connected to it. GET A CLUE. (Smacks them in the forehead) THERE. Now you have a goddamn clue.

    Avellere CatAvellere Cat天 前
  • Thumbs up, if you fucking hate that Mitsubishi ad and will never buy one!

    BLM_ExceptWhenTheyMurderTheirOwn_LOLBLM_ExceptWhenTheyMurderTheirOwn_LOL天 前
  • The problem with leaving instructions for one's non-human family member(s) in one's Will is that a Will is generally not probated for months. It would be preferable, I think, to have a separate (witnessed and notarized) document, perhaps giving power of attorney for non-human family members to someone one trusts. They could still be mentioned in one's Will, but one's wishes would be known immediately, not months down the line.

    The Trouble With TreblesThe Trouble With Trebles天 前
  • I love how they rescue them

    Molly CotofanMolly Cotofan天 前
  • They make it look so easy to pet and catch stray animals. But most people do not know how dangerous it is. Never pet a stray animal. As of today, rabies is almost 100% lethal to humans once the symptoms appear. This channel should warn and educate their audience so they don't go around trying to befriend and rescue a stray dog.

    SuperMerlotSuperMerlot2 天 前
  • He is so very gentle❤️

    Anita bakkerAnita bakker2 天 前
  • Poor baby. Thank you so much for rescuing him.

    Just Another PersonJust Another Person3 天 前
  • Poor thing was starting to trust humans again and you cut his balls right away

    Chepepon CarlosChepepon Carlos3 天 前
  • God bless you all with much help for your wonderful care of these helpless animals.

    Mary BreschiniMary Breschini3 天 前
  • Please help me. My dog has gone sudden blindness. It happened within 48 hours. We went to the vet. They said they can't guarantee anything his both eyes not responding anything. Please if anybody knows just tell me is there any hope? He's only five (boxer)

    Priyadarshini NayakPriyadarshini Nayak3 天 前
  • Poor baby. Thankyou

    Mel GMel G4 天 前
  • Aww poor baby, that's so sad !

    Tatyana SpiersTatyana Spiers4 天 前
  • Es bewegt einem das Herz, daß es gute Mwnschen gibt, DANKE 1000 mal für Rettung Und Adaption😚😚😚

    UschUsch4 天 前
  • So glad there are rescuers like you guys :)

    Elaine BezuidenhoutElaine Bezuidenhout5 天 前
  • He should have been called Jesse from Breaking Bad.

    Gareth JuddGareth Judd5 天 前
  • precious dog still waiting and guarding the dwelling....

    bea millsbea mills5 天 前
  • I hope the guy who just left him has nothing but pain, misery, and, misfortune for the rest of his pathetic life.

    Anon NymousAnon Nymous5 天 前
    • Maybe Klaus' human got ill or was injured and is hospitalized, or maybe he died. Things happen.

      The Trouble With TreblesThe Trouble With Trebles天 前
  • Hop for. Dios los vendiga por gue todas las personas gue trabajan con los animalitos son muihumanos y trbajan con amor gracias

    Maria LopezMaria Lopez5 天 前
  • We have a 5 moth old chihuahua and a 3 month old Australian shepherd. We're spending whatmoney we have on shots, chip, and fixed them both. Could you advice us on dog training. I'm disabled and wife is 67. We want things to be better than our last 2 that lived to 16 and 17 but we don't have 500 bucks for training. We live we're the 605 and 210 fwys meet. Any suggestions

    Michael TrotterMichael Trotter5 天 前
  • Maybe owner died...

    Adrian DecuAdrian Decu6 天 前
  • please take care of littlr puppy for he is safe with you and thank you for rescuing lil pup God bless you🙏🙏🙏💓💕❤️💞 👍🐕

    Farida LagoyoFarida Lagoyo6 天 前
  • I worry what kind of a home my babies will go to when I pass I hope they are treated well and with kindness

    Janice MuxlowJanice Muxlow6 天 前
  • Hare Krishna

  • I salute these noble hearts!Dogs are our oldest and most loyal companions,they deserve all the care and attention in thier time of need.I am a person of limited means but I have always adopted dogs who were abandoned ,right now I have three with me and each and everyone has turned out to be very loving and wonderful companions!I cannot imagine a life without them,ever.

    Stefan SyiemiongStefan Syiemiong6 天 前
  • 🙏🙏🙏

    santhosh kotiansanthosh kotian6 天 前
  • I hope you’re wearing masks because of the stink of that motor home, and NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE BRAINWASHED INTO BELIEVING A FACE DIAPER WILL PROTECT YOU FROM A MICROSCOPIC ORGANISM…

  • Thank you for helping him💚🌟

    Jessica LigayaJessica Ligaya6 天 前
  • Thank you for giving these poor innocent abandoned animals shelter and a chance at a second home!!! Why anyone would take on the responsibility of taking care of another living being, then turn their back on them makes no sense to me. Please continue you're great work!!!

    Richard DuerrRichard Duerr6 天 前
  • God bless you all for the wonderful things you do for these precious babies, I love each and every one of you ❤

    midnight flowermidnight flower6 天 前
  • Owner is a piece of crap and I hope nothing but bad karma for them.

    Triggered SnowflakesTriggered Snowflakes6 天 前
  • I don't understand how anyone could move or go away and just leave their pet behind that's so cruel and horrible and I would understand if you moved somewhere where they don't take pets then you find a home for your pet or give it to someone who can find a home for the pet you don't just leave them thank you for rescuing him

    candysmiles11candysmiles116 天 前
    • I doubt he was left. I suspect his owner became ill or died. He seems well loved, not like his Dad didn't care about him.

      Sheila RSheila R5 天 前
  • Cognitive Dissonance. 1. People who kind to animals are great people. 2. A.H. loved animals and made laws forbidding animal cruelty. Wipes brow.

    Left Handed Hard RightLeft Handed Hard Right6 天 前
  • Dogs are the best people!

    Martin JohnMartin John6 天 前
  • Truly there is a special place in heaven reserved for all the people that help rescue and care for these animals. God Bless you all.

    callesierracallesierra6 天 前
  • I swear klaus was smiling at the end of the video

    Julie WhiteJulie White6 天 前
  • Bless the hearts of people who have made their life’s work helping animals!♥️♥️♥️

    RobertaRoberta6 天 前
  • I always wonder if the people who abandon these poor creatures ever get to see these videos and realise what they've done.

    Hev BushnellHev Bushnell6 天 前
  • Om jag vill adoptera honom, vem kontaktar jag??

    Sofia KarlssonSofia Karlsson6 天 前
  • Looks like a Shepard lab mix. He is so sweet and grateful....

    Theresa Griffin KennedyTheresa Griffin Kennedy6 天 前
  • Oil that squeaky door. That thing is enough to scare anyone...lol..🚪🚪🚪🐕🐕🐕☘️🇺🇸😎

    T GradyT Grady6 天 前
  • If you are the kind of person who would casually abandon a pet, please just don't get one. That includes parents who have kids who demand a puppy, but then refuse to take care of it once they find out how hard it actually is to raise a puppy. If you're not aware of how hard it is, please google it and get informed before you choose a puppy, please please. I'm not demanding, I'm begging. Raising a puppy can range from very irritating at times, to utter costly nightmare. The good news being the vast majority of them are far far far easier to care for once they get past training/puppyhood. If you're in the unfortunate position of potentially getting to a point where you cannot care for a pet, please do what you can ahead of time to arrange for a plan B for your pet.

    Mike GMike G6 天 前
  • I love it when Eldad says, "Ok" which he does frequently. When he says that, I know that it'll be. :)

    TNSTNS6 天 前
  • I'm not gonna be harsh because the man may have died, I hope not. Otherwise my question is: How can you abandon your best friend ever?

    Dana ShirtsDana Shirts6 天 前
  • Thank you so much for rescuing these beautiful dogs. How can anyone just leave their 4 legged babies to fend for themselves. Eldad and Loreta rescue so many sweet animals that are treated like garbage. God Bless The people that adopt these babies.

    B SandersB Sanders6 天 前
  • I will never understand how someone can abandon their animal. It is animal cruelty to the max.

    B SandersB Sanders6 天 前
  • What a beautiful soul, he deserves all the love in the world. Thanks HFP ✊💋💘

  • So happy Klaus was rescued he is a gentle soul left behind by his owner to starve to death poor puppy didnt understand why his owner left him behind...Boo to the owner karma will bite you butt one day...This dog deserved better this...

    Beverly DixonBeverly Dixon6 天 前
  • What a lovely dog wicked owner

    Lynda CostenLynda Costen6 天 前
  • I don't get it. The old decapitated motorhome that looked like it had been there for years? Klaus looked like someone was feeding him? I guess the story has much more to it

  • He doesn't look as if he was abused as he doesn't flinch at your touch, he's just nervous of you at first. He also looks a good weight. That's a small mercy as he probably isn't carrying any horrfic memories. He looks a much happier lad now though.

    Elly DavisElly Davis6 天 前
  • Stop just loving animals we decided to call pets. Stop having them slaughtered by the billions for you to eat, they are as much an animal as these digs are. THNX FOR SAVING THIS ONE!

    Justin CredibleJustin Credible7 天 前
  • Abandoning a pet is a crime we need to get harsher on.

    Pat RILEYPat RILEY7 天 前
  • Amen

    Jack JonesJack Jones7 天 前
  • My number one fear, something happening to me and no one to care for my animals 😞

    Rub-a-Dub-DubRub-a-Dub-Dub7 天 前
  • just don't betray them

    Алексей Я-нАлексей Я-н7 天 前
  • 😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍🏾👍🏾

    Nurma cahayaNurma cahaya7 天 前
  • Bring back the guillotine for people who abuse pets.

    Dwight TurnerDwight Turner7 天 前
  • With such a kind dog, and people loving dog...you went too far. You didn't need to trap it.

    sally ridesally ride7 天 前
  • He looks just like this jindo mix I used to walk 🥺

    bikinifetishbikinifetish7 天 前
  • Thank you for saving him! ❤️

    zoey1811954zoey18119547 天 前
  • Gracias angeles 💕🐶😘😇👼😂

    maria das graças Silvamaria das graças Silva7 天 前
  • I wonder what happened to his owner💙💛🙏

    Liz GreenspanLiz Greenspan7 天 前
  • A BIG WARMING!!! Do not watch, like or subscribe to the CNfrom channel Animal Hope Shelter! In many of their videos dogs are poisoned with rat poison. Their back legs are paralyzed due to neurological disorders caused by the poison. They sometimes use "before pictures" that actually are taken before the animals are injured. The dogs are either killed or dies from the injuries. Also be aware of videos containing animals stuck in tar etc they're staged. Spread my word! There are many other channels that are faking animal rescues. Animal rescue videos often gets millions of views and generates a lot of money. This attracts criminals often in poor countries to make fake animal rescue videos. Be aware, spread my word.

    AckeAcke7 天 前
  • You people do such an amazing thing for these poor animals. God bless you all..😢😇

    Michael WhiteMichael White7 天 前
  • One thing i dont understand about dog owners... Like at my job you are allowed to take your animals into the hotel rooms. But still some guests ( dog owners )are like... Nah nah... Imma tie him up next to the car in a dark garage where he will sit alone in the dark for 18 hours. The puppy i met was soo scared it wanted to attack... Well me, the cars, the stone pylons, the garbage can, the garage door, the air outside the garage door... And for crying out loud... is it soo hard to pick up after your dogs? I have been doing it for 6 years everyday cause... Well since dog owners refuse to pick after their own dog... I guess i have to. Like cig butts and vomit and razorblades i can understand that they are on the streets. But ffs pick up after your dogs. Its your responsibility...

    Mr.stoneMr.stone7 天 前
  • I'm a 21+ yrs animal rescuer. I'm 73 now and was disabled at 55. I was NOT ALLOWED to go back to work. God had another plan for me. I grew up on a farm, then a ranch, then I ended up at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) where the Atomic Bomb was made. At LANL I was in ESH - Environment Safety and Health where I learned so much to further my knowledge of living. I am an animaI & nature lover with high standards of integrity. I thank God for my learning and growing to help our world. Rescuing is my love and passion. May God bless us all to helping and caring for our UNIVERSE and the beings in it. GODSLOVE to all. 🙏🌍🌎🌏🙏😇😻🐘🐑🌾🐕🐑😻 💖💖💞💞

    animals are love and happinessanimals are love and happiness7 天 前
  • He looks so happy.💗 thanks to you guy's. 🐾🐶💙💙

    vera mulvihillvera mulvihill7 天 前
  • God bless you, guys!

    Emerson NogueiraEmerson Nogueira7 天 前
  • I hope they find the owner through the VIN on the vehicle and he or she is okay. This is very sad.

    Marlena LinneMarlena Linne7 天 前
  • I wish I could rescue all animals. Only in my dreams.

    Delores Busher-MillerDelores Busher-Miller7 天 前

    Delores Busher-MillerDelores Busher-Miller7 天 前
  • You guys are angels 👼 doing god’s work

    Mac BrazzleMac Brazzle8 天 前
  • He is so happy just to be with kind people...

    GabrielDee345 DonGabrielDee345 Don8 天 前
  • He absolutely beautiful.

    Yol AkinYol Akin8 天 前
  • Judging by the dog's demeanor he was cared for by his owner and not abandoned voluntarily. Owner could have gotten sick and is in the hospital, possibly passed away, or ended up in jail somehow.

    Eric DayEric Day8 天 前
  • Thank you from Australia

    Kelvin JamesKelvin James8 天 前
  • PawsChamp

    LHFPLHFP8 天 前
  • He has kind , beautiful eyes . I hope he finds a loving forever home soon . Thank you for rescuing him ❤️❤️

    Gail Priscilla Bender FosseGail Priscilla Bender Fosse8 天 前
  • I'm so happy for him💖

    Midnight FuryMidnight Fury8 天 前
  • Such a gorgeous boy. My 2 boys would get jealous lol

    Elizabeth GibsonElizabeth Gibson8 天 前
  • That nice, but the dog in perfect shape. How long was the dog left alone? Did you leave a note. Did you check if the old man is living there behind? He could have a reason to no not be there a few days. Did you check if he has water & dry food? If not you can't depend on what people assume. You could be stealing his dog. Abandon has to be proven. As the old man don't live there, grarantee. They was a trailer behind also. And the dog show not even hungry of thirsty but 100 % in perfect health. That what make be doubt he was neglected. Just that old lady word. And you know old lady's are way off.

    thomasthomas8 天 前
    • They was another. These canoe guy paddling seen a baby bear and said it was abandon by it mother. So they took the baby bear. They stole the baby bear, they cam by canoe that silence. The mother has to hunt and leave the baby for a while. But it can hear and smell people walking. The stole a baby bear from a river bank. that the bear prospective. She alway leave the baby there and go hunting. Nobody bother. Till these two men interfere and stole a baby and they said the baby bear was so friendly and lost. Their prospective

      thomasthomas8 天 前
  • He probably died.

    Maurice419Maurice4198 天 前
  • Talk about click bait… lets make the owner/owners sound like an asshole for views. You should have just told the truth “ owner passes away and didn’t have a plan for his/ her pet.

    Pepper AnnPepper Ann8 天 前
  • Great rescue and a great rehab. Thanks to everyone involved.

    Jeff JJeff J8 天 前
  • I think he knew he was safe with them, he was very calm in that cage and all through the vet visit. I'm glad he's got another home.

    Nancy HammonsNancy Hammons8 天 前
  • WTF are they wearing masks for? good thing they are nice people, cause they aren't too bright

    robert craigrobert craig8 天 前
  • He's a nice dog so I think he was loved

    Eric NorthmanEric Northman8 天 前
  • That trailer was cleared out

    Eric NorthmanEric Northman8 天 前
  • Thank you

    Eric NorthmanEric Northman8 天 前
  • What you all do is so great.

    Bill ColemanBill Coleman8 天 前
  • Another dog thrown away by owner. I curse them all. Its evil to do that

    beachwriter8beachwriter88 天 前
  • Poor pup. He has such sad eyes :'(

    sinneadfertsinneadfert8 天 前
  • Dogs don't deserve to be rescued... they could be dangerous and aggresive

    Svyatoslav FastovetskySvyatoslav Fastovetsky8 天 前
  • Cops? Covid?

    roomwithapointofviewroomwithapointofview8 天 前
  • ❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🙏😘

    E. E.E. E.8 天 前
  • God bless you people for your kindness! ❤️

    Susan StandardSusan Standard8 天 前
  • I know this feeling, the feeling of trapping a dog to save their life.... Thanks Eldad for teaching me...

    Lisa PackardLisa Packard8 天 前
  • I will be so glad when your rescuers are no longer wearing masks.

    2012escapee12012escapee18 天 前
  • I share your videos on facebook to support you.

    Helene PaaschHelene Paasch8 天 前